Impeach President Bannon

No Puppet, No Puppet

Right, what ever you say, baby prez.  The war of dangerous narcissistic, lying, hate and fear mongering egos is on full parade. Get the Surgeon General on this epidemic, we are in the midst of a serious public mental health issue. Oh, not to mention the terrifying reality that Steve Bannon is an American Fascist with an unprecedented position with the National Security Council. What?

Tweedle-dangerous and Tweedle-dumb. Both have got to go, but first...the puppet master.  Justice will trump Hate. Might as well bruise baby president's fragile, weak skin in the process.   #ImpeachPresidentBannon

As overheard on the interweb..." If my belief in equity, empathy, goodness and love indeed makes me or people like me, snowflakes, then you should know, WINTER IS A COMING!"

But don't take our word for it Via Gothamist
A lot of people are throwing the word "fascism" around, and not in a humorous way. Is this hyperbole or grim reality? To get a sense of where we are and where we might be going, Gothamist spoke to Isabel Virginia Hull, professor of history at Cornell University and one of the foremost scholars on modern Germany. Here's Hull on warning signs, the durability of the American state, and the power of protest.


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