Jon Stewart Now, More Than Ever

Really, it's always and forever.  Miss Wit has been a disciple since the early days.  Infact her innocent, what seemed then like an "inside joke" to suggest Jon Stewart for President 2004, helped launch this t-shirt emporium into the interwebesphere.   This one's been on the tip of our tongue lately, and with the announcement of the Rally to Restore Sanity - our collective head is exploding with admiration of such geniosity!

History is happening now.

Let the tailgating begin! 

Only a few remain....


Basic Jersey Tee $14

100%  Jersey Cotton
Form Fitting, Flattering, Soft
and cozy. For a looser fit, try the unisex cut.

American Apparel
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Basic Crew Tee $14


100% Jersey Cotton
Looser fit.

Waterbasd handprinted softy goodness.

Please refer to Size Chart before ordering.

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