About Miss

Who is Our Little MissWit? MissWit is tragic, sinful, cynical, sarcastic FUN. MissWit just don't care about your rules, your design paradigms, the stuff just comes out of her. —Do you know her?— Correct her. Just try. She might listen, maybe she won't care. She just won't care!! MissWit knows what she doesn't know!

Oh, but don't be fooled, of COURSE MissWit CARES! --- She is a sensitive little mizz -- a contradiction as the day is long. She loves Neil Diamond and classic rock, hippity hop and be bop with equality -- like a mother loves all of her children. She adores old photos, true true brunch with a pasta and eggs on the same plate, and is a big fan of chips with lunch! What MissWit remembers, is nothing compared to what she forgets! She can wound with her eyes and ruin your faith with her casual lies, no, wait, that is someone else. She sings in the shower, with no voice to speak of, she rides the subway, uptown, downtown, all around the park, and throws dollars to street performers.

MissWit is an HONEST ENGINE, she is HOMEGROWN, HOMEMADE, PIG HEADED and HUMBLED PIE. Sure, MissWit gets down, that is why she needs you, MissWit needs you!!! Calling all yous! But, rest assured — MissWit will be there for you, if you just let her dare!

The Story Behind MissWit

MissWit is a whimsical, satirical, fashionable tee shirt line with a fun and funny website created by (me) Deborah Goldstein a Brooklyn, New York resident, who recently received her graduate degree in social work and community organizing from Hunter College School of Social Work. For almost three years amidst my studies, I modestly combined both passions. 

Somewhat effortlessly, my t-shirts - ranging from the sublime joke to the delicate etchings of artists - manage to flicker a pulse with fashion hounds as well as sparking internet chatter and praise. So be it! I first hit the zeitgeist on a whim and prayer,with the simply stated t-shirt "And I want to thank Harvey Weinstein," in March 2003. I made 5 shirts for friends, as a joke, but displayed for just one day in a Brooklyn boutique a reporter from The New York Observer, observed it. The shirt was subsequently featured on E! News Live, The New York Post and CNBC. Some wit, a good name and a domain.

A star was born. But fame is fleeting. The wave of press and sales led me (aka MissWit) to develop a slew of t-shirts and hit the pavement full speed ahead. The goal? Creativity, sassy humor, organic style, personalized design and keeping it real -- real people are behind the work. With the help of my brother, I also developed a fun and entertaining web site (www.misswit.net) where MissWit is free to roar - and the visitor is safe to roam and learn the origins and tales behind every shirt.

"Today, I stand in the shadow of my alter ego the pop culture fashionista" — MissWit

Clients include: Lincoln Center MidSummer Night Swing and Out of Doors, DancenowNYC, Idlewildbooks, Markets of New York Guide Book, Urban Meadow, The NYC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, Yoga of Sausalito, Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, Queens Community House, Si Se Puede Sunset Park Woman's Collective, LEAP - Learning Through Expanded Arts Programs, The Berkely Carroll School Park Slope, Tibago Political Campaign, Hannah's Bat Mitzvah, Grandpa's 95th and more.

Deborah, MissWit and the shirts have been featured in Newsday, The NY Post­s Page Six, New York Magazine, People Magazine, Star Magazine, Metro NY, The NY Sun, The Observer, Penthouse, Wonkette.com, San Diego Jewish Journal and numerous political, entertainment and fashion blogs.

Thanks for visiting...I hope you find some laughs...enjoy!