BrokeBack Got ME Good

BrokeBack Got ME Good

Is there anything more tragic than "forbidden" love?
If you've ever dared stray from the "norm" then it got you good!
Four Years ago MissWit brought to you the academy award winning 100% cotton award tee "And I want to Thank Harvey Weinstein"

Now, all growns up, three years later, more than 20 designs later, lots of bad gowns, celebrity break ups, national and international press (even Penthouse whoo hoo) and cultural zeitgeist phenoms later MissWit in association with NewYearsDay Productions brings you!.

BrokeBack Got ME Good! Cause, darn it if it din't

So long Rocky Horror, So long Saturday Night Fever, (Dirty Dancing you can stay, you classic you!)
Brokeback is the new "I must see it 25 times" movie of the decade!

For those who refuse to see this movie because –two men together makes you uncomfortable aside from that concept making us uncomfortable, fancy this are you so untouchable that love, that tragic longing, that only bits of pleasure throughout a life, that the feeling of wanting and not being able to have, is so foreign to you? Lucky freakin you! If it ain't broke don't fix it huh?

If you have blood, if you have loved your partner for decades, if you have longed for love for decades, if the color of green grass brings a tear to your eye, if mis-en-scene means anything to you, if the sting of slowly striking cords brings a chill to your spine, if you breathe, you will feel from this film, don't be afraid AND further yet this cotton breaths.

Brokeback it'll get ya.

We've got BrokeBack on the membrane.

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