Colbert '08 Oh Yea! It's On!!!

Colbert ’08
Oh Yeah! It’s On!!!!

Now On Sale Only $12!!!
Colbert '08 A Poem
Forget those Dems in South Carolina.
It is and still was A State of Mind
A Way of Life!
Already a Collectors Item!.
But Oh Yeah Babies, It is back on! Colbert '08.
It’s like trying to side between sense, and sensibility.
And now, the weather no longer so chilly
our boy heads to Philly.
Dreams and Doritos in hand.
He will ring that bell.
We will be for whom the bell tolls.
It’s On. Like Never Before.

Colbert ’08 Oh Yeah! It’s On!!!!
Unisex and Ladies Fit
Colors: American Red
With American White and American Blue Print.

Ladies Cut - $16


Unisex Cut - $16


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Please refer to Size Chart before ordering.

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