He's Cruisazy!

He's Cruisazy!
'Cruisazy,' (adj. n. v.) meaning to be like Tom Cruise, to act like him, and/or to know something completely that others do not."

Free Winona, Free Martha
But lock this Guy Up!
He's Cruisazy!

You had me at Hello?

Have we lost Tom Cruise Forever?
Did someone Show Him the Money and a blow to the head?
Riskee Bizness
Someone has had too many Cocktails!
Someone took too long of a ride on the Magic School Bus!
The Color of Insanity!
Mission: Tom Possible!
The MINORity Report: the Katie Holmes Interviews
All the Right Monkey Moves!
Born on the 4th of Jeepers Creepers!
Far and Up, Up, and Away!
Eyes Wide Open!
Top Banana!
Young Loons!
and who can forget the 1982 classic

Losing It!

You get the picture!

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More about Cruisazy "the word"

In the summer of 2005 Miss Wit released the Cruisazy tee, to immediate fame - when it was spotted in a store on Smith Street Brooklyn - by A People Magazine Reporter.  Miss Wit was eventually touted a Neologist! A word she had to look up, but meaning creator of new words! Used by many now, no royalties, just the silent joy.....  Please Enjoy.

As a result of the Diss By Heather Clark from the Associated Press as well as the so called cigar jacketed linguists who denied Stephen Colbert his credit in creating the word truthiness, and likewise MissWit as the originator of Cruisazy...below is a letter that was written to many a paper's editors!

January 7, 2006
To Whom it May Concern:
In reference to the article by Heather Clark from the Assoicated Press, Linguists gather to vote on 2005 Words of the Year I am most pleased that the word Cruisazy is up for the linguist vote, however I find it disturbing that credit for the word and definition has not been given, as though it had no origin or as if the linguists themselves created it. It was first spotted as a word when the shirt bearing this word was featured in People Magazine in June 2006. Subsequently, the NY POST's Page Six along with NY Magazine, Philadelphia Weekly and countless web sites around the globe have recognized this as a NEOLOGISM created and defined by MissWit.net in June of 2005. As the New York Post writes:

TATUM O'Neal at Mod World on First Street, buying a T-shirt showing Tom Cruise's beaming face over the neologism "Cruisazy," which designer MissWit defines as, "To be like Tom Cruise. To act in a way that is Tom Cruise-like. To know something completely, that others do not." It's totally cruisazy that you should leave this valuable information out!

Google Cruisazy, notice the dates, and the definitions, never is the one mentioned in the recent article used...and they always go back to MissWit's, from Brazil to Japan to Germany to the US!

A follow up story by your publication would be wonderful, as other originators of words were ignored as well!

Snididilliydoopedly yours,