Culture Sound Wave

Culture Sound Wave

Dig the sound waves on this compilation of images. Do you hear that sound that other men call silence? **

Just a nice musically and culturally inspired design, with bold colors printed on our new softest of soft , seriously sustainable Bamboo Fiber.

Go on guys, you'll never take it off!

**This is a line Miss Wit has miss-correctly remembered for years. It comes from the opening scene of the great, dark film about Kasper Hauser by Wernor Herzog Jeder fur sich und Gott gegen alle, 1974 [Every Man for Himself and God Against All/The Mystery of Kaspar Hause]. How snobby, right? Well she was a Film Studies major, after all. The real line is "Don't you hear that horrible screaming all around you. That screaming, men call silence?"

You should check out the movie...if you can find it.

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