Early Beach Boys Song Topics

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Dan Meth and Jeff Rubin's Pop-Cultural Chart
#5 in a Series
Early Beach Boys Song Topics
Cars Girls Surf

Limited Edition Tees by talented Mr. Dan Meth of DanMeth.com fame

Streamy Award winning cartoonist, illustrator, animator, Dan Meth put the integrity into internet virality! He brought you The Meth Minute 39 Cartoons which you should probably watch right now! He gave internet people a second internet life, with his aptly named Internet People.(Charlie bit my finga!) He's a pop-cultural zeitgeist master that Miss Wit can believe in. She feels like a Surfin' Safari - full of thanks that Dan answered her emails!

Originally conceived by Jeff Rubin of College Humor Fame and created by Dan - this is an historically significant foray into musical geekdom wear! The Beach Boys Early Song Chart - uses the age old, ever resourceful venn diagram, every thing is related with this visual trifecta, Girls, Cars and Surf - revealed at last with great clarity.

Visit Dan and his other charts and videos and illustrations and all sortsa good times.


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Basic Fine Jersey $22

Light Silver

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