...and I want to thank Harvey Weinstein

Critically acclaimed, award winning, feature shirt...

"...and I want to thank Harvey Weinstein!"

Well...MissWit started a joke that started the whole city gafawing.
Harvey has the shirts, We Repeat Harvey has the shirts.
When first called famed...We were lying...BUT now...the truth is told. SEEN ON E! NEWS Live, Read about in THE NEW YORK POST and THE NEW YORK OBSERVER, and a CNBC television interview never to be seen by human eyes - preempted by the preemptive. (thanks Dubya )...

Make it a game, like punch buggy - see how many times you hear this statement!

It meant so little to me, it means so much to you. Who cares what they say, Harvey made movies fun again, isn't it time you thanked him?? Already bicoastal and adored by movie fans and film haters alike.Wear it. You love it. It makes NO sense. Of COURSE it looks homemade, IT IS homemade.

Here's what people are saying....

"Um, it looks kinda homemade"

"oh my gawd, if Harvey sees that, he'll kick your arse"

"Fred (Ebb!) roared with laughter when I presented him with the t-shirt on Oscar night. It was the hit of the party!" - Jim Caruso Actor

"Your fonts are totally lame." To which MissWit responds -- "duh!"

"isn't that a bit too 'inside' ?"

"I just got it...I loved it!!! hows it going? are you selling them?
IT WAS BETTER THAN i thought it would be. not really sure why. " Tony Bui, Filmmaker.

"ooo maybe LEO will want one!!!!! " MissWit

"Nice lookin' shirt" E! News Anchor guy

And, the number one favorite line so far about the t-shirts...


The guerilla market, is alive and kicking. Misswit has been told that Harvey himself freakin' loves the shirt - he's gonna use it for free press...and MissWit says... why the hell not?? We here at MissWit, find it hilarious!

MissWit used to work in the film industry, she would drive big trucks, and get famous actors to far away sets. Once, before cellphones, she got realllly lost with an actor in the car, NOT a good day, NOT at all! Wanna know who it was? Email her, mayyyybe she'll tell. She was an underrated PA. Film people are too busy to say production assistant, so they say PA. MissWit, REALLY made no money then - but craft service was always quite yummy!

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