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America’s #1 Trusted Grain!***

Have you been turned down by other more known grains?
Come on over to where the flavor is. Go on, give it a try. You know you have always been curious. Hominy – bringing people together, since like way before the internet.

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What's Cookin' With Miss Wit and Hominy?!

Miss Wit's Mexican Egg and Hominy Morning After Dish
Find yourself some hominy grains -- we find Goya to be the best or any generic brand will do.
Some Spanish Onions
Salsa of your choice
Cream Cheese, or Cheddar Cheese, or Mexican mixed shredded cheese, or all of the above
Avocado (if you fancy)
Hot sauce -- whatever you have around the house will do

Loose Instructions:
Oil in your skillet.
Chop your onions, throw in the pan.
Open the can of hominy (1 can per 3 people something like that)
Pour it in the pan. Cook the heck out of the hominy on a low flame. You can't really over cook them, so go ahead check your email, but keep an eye on the flame.

Throw some cheese in.
Cook. Pour some salsa, or tomato, hot sauce etc. Drop some cream cheese. Keep Cooking.
Take your eggs, oh Miss Wit tends to make too much but figure 2 eggs per person?
Whip eggs with a little milk and the like. And just pour in the pan.
Cook until the eggs are cooked.
Throw in more cheese, salsa etc.

Turn off flame. Throw some avocado squares on top, mix.


***In its mashed form, you may be more familiar with hominy as that southern comfort food -- Grits. Or perhaps you have seen it most commonly used in Mexican Pozole dishes. But let us teach you something here at Miss Wit. Hominy, is a traditional Native American food, dried yellow corn kernels that have been soaked in slaked lime ( or an alkali of some kind) to remove their husks with the hull and germ removed.

Many Native American cultures made hominy and integrated it into their diet.
For more infoWiki it