Bacon: The Great Uniter

True Story By Miss Wit:  Friends go away for a weekend. Emails ensue. What food will you bring? Pesky vegetarians. Gluten-free, wheat-free needs must be tended to.
"Oh I don't eat: string beans, anchoives or feta cheese." 
"Keep me away from the cilantro!" No Okra please!"

"I am not a veggie but am pretty picky about which animals I'll eat. If
you guys eat strange things from the sea, I'll eat kale!" 

"not to be complicated but I only eat strange things from the sea and
veggies, no flying or walking things. But I'm sure if meat is in the offing, I'll graze on kale too."

"Can we all agree on bacon?? Cause bacon tastes good!??"
An almost collective reply of "YES"
Friend replies all.  "Bacon is the great uniter."

Try it out, with your friends.  Many a people cave, when it comes to bacon. Many a vegetarian brought down from their ways. We are just the messenger of this almost truth.  Face it, people love bacon. We're thinking peace talks?
A transfoodie, gender, age, political preference...tee for most!


Basic Fine Jersey  $20

Yolk Gold / Navy Blue

100% Fine Jersey Cotton
Form fitted fashion tee.

Refer to USA size chart.
Basic Fine Jersey $20

Yolk Gold / Navy Blue

100% Fine Jersey Cotton
Looser fashion fit tee.

Please refer to Size Chart before ordering.

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