Nobody Likes a Smart Alec

Have you been told this one too many times? Has your impudence been taken the wrong way? Listen here cowboys, not just anyone can be the class clown, but lace your clowning, with pimpin', cheatin', stealin' and lyin' and we say get outta town! Maybe we're talkin' to you Bernie?

Truth is doesn't everybody love the Smart Alec? Our favorite wise guy (or gal as the case may be), keeping you on your toes like any good court jester must? Don't we infact need the Smart Alec?

Enjoy this digitally re-mastered (stealin’, cheatin’) graphic from found vintage heat transfers, wise guy!

Ladies Cut - $18

brown/light blue

Unisex Cut - $18

brown/light blue

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100% Jersey Cotton
American Apparel

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