Schmuck You, You Schmucking Schmuck

We joke , cause we love.

From one apikoiresteh goyeh (free-thinking  gal) to you my bubbees - a message:

The next time a real schmegegi (buffoon) or nudnik (pesky nuisance) or a nishtgutnick (no-good person) or worse, a schmendrik  (look it up!) or still, a toig ahf kapores (good for nothing) bugs you, you will  know  just what to say, with this little schmatteh!

But not you dear reader,  ir gefelt misswit zaier. (You please MissWit a great deal).

Inspired by another apikoiresteh goyewe present a variation on a theme, of a quote made famous in the 1986 movie Blue Velvet, using a semi similar English word starting with "F" (Google it).
Wear it well and may you always hetsken zich ( shake and dance with joy. )

And thus begins...the schpogel nei ( brand- new!) Yiddish tribute line....stay tuned.  So? New? What are you waiting for? Buy it?


Cap Sleeve Crew  $20

Lite Navy

100%  Jersey Cotton
Form Fitting, Flattering, Soft
and cozy.

Alternative Apparel
Refer to USA size chart.
Basic Crew T $20

Lite Navy

100% Jersey Cotton
Looser fit. Soft and cozy

Waterbasd handprinted softy goodness.

Please refer to Size Chart before ordering.

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