AV SQUAD - Captain '82

Geek is the new cool.

They laughed at you.
They blew spitballs at the screen while you consciously tried to set up the algebra lesson on the over head projector for Mr. Ogerman.
They gave you wet willies as you set up the slide show for Mr. Ubaska on the benefits of formaldehyde while dissecting frogs.

OR, perhaps you were setting up the film for rainy day recess, "Where do Babies Come From, Anyway?” You were the Audio Visual Squad, King of Paramus for pete's sake! And still they laughed!

But you held on steadfast, and by the mid 90's you were a multi-millionaire dollar geek! Take that mean cool kid!!!

Now, get the respect you deserved...
wear this commemorative AV SQUAD Captain '82 Tee Shirt
and go hook up a dvd player like there is no tomorrow!

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