#NotNormalizing This Behavior and So Much More
The Orange One - that nasty, divisive, incompetent, has kicked the Miss out of cotton hibernation.  We are #NOTNORMALIZING his behavior. 
He is a threat to American Society.

For MissWit, this is not about being a sore loser, that is crazy and more crazier talk.  This is also not about thinking the election was rigged by hackers. (Though Russian influence clearly played a part in the madness of the orange one’s ‘popularity.’)  Oh noooo, she believes this fu$ker was in fact voted in.   The complete and utter disgust in this fact is not some kind of bi-partisan issue to be haggled over like business as usual.    That is pisshy kaka.  This is about ideology, about the value of human life, the value of actual provable facts, the value and respect for the highest office in the land.  We do not celebrate the series of lies thinly veiled behind the Cult of Personality.

Sooooo, get a t-shirt, it’s just a small little (stylish) protest/badge of honor.  But keep fighting the good fight.  And, don’t forget to laugh every now and then, (unlike a certain someone who shall remain nameless), it is important. 
We are #NotNormalizing all over the place.

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American Civil Liberties Union

Southern Poverty Law Center

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And another thing....

This IS about caring for the future of the generations behind, who will be cleaning up this mess for years to come.  This is about staying woke, and while it is frighteningly easy to take this low road that the orange one takes, we also can not sit quietly by.  We are in a derailed moment in history - staying on this train though.  This IS about not supporting the truly clinically narcissistic, self-loathing, (yes, no one hates Trump more than Trump hates Trump), hate monger, who would be better served seeking out a top therapist for himself and that cabinet of darkness.  Special shout out of disgust for Kellyanne CONway too.  She clearly sleeps standing in up in a pod of darkness, abut to Bannon and Pence and one would imagine Newt Gingrich to boot.

The orange one has proven day in, day out, with every word, every childish rant, every third person reference (mean really, who other than a semi-fictional tshirt making character would even do such a thing?!) that he is unfit, for anything other than to stand on a podium, and toot his own horn.  You never hear of actual successful business people, the Steve Jobs of the world, rant about how great they are.  Never.   It does not happen.    If you have to continually toot your own horn, something says you are doing it all WRONG.    Working with people, communicating, listening, bringing actual ideas to the table, is part of being a great leader.     The orange one, won’t even show the world his taxes.  He claims he will “donate,” his foreign profits to US citizens.    Hmmmm, last checked, taking a loss on your taxes, means no profit.   Until we see them, can we really believe there IS any profit?    It is easy, and NOT NORMAL, to be a rich businessman, when you don’t pay people for the work they’ve done (very well documented).  He does not stand with the working class, he belittles them, doesn’t even pay them.  Tactics of a failed businessman, and a woefully entitled ego-maniac.  He cannot be satiated (always grabbing for more pussy).


...but don't get us started.....

Just once, ONE unifying, non-combative, non-divisive, non-adversarial word out of his mouth, please, just once!  No, not possible. Not once. Not Normalizing.

The orange one’s behavior is not normal behavior for ANYONE.  It is not cute it is not outside the box, it is not New York tough guy, it’s not even locker room banter.  He speaks and tweets, like a dangerously stupid and bitter person.  If he can’t handle some “not funny,” skits from a long standing successful comedy show, how is he going to handle threats to America?  With a transparent and combative tweet?  No thank you. Not Normalizing.   No, the orange one, is that asshole who walks in to a bar, or a room and just spews sleaze, just oozes sleazy.   Disguised as bullish confidence, he is nothing short of a man-child, lacking in so much human love and interaction, that he literally must lash out at even the slightest bit of, conflict. That is not a leader. Heck that is not even a follower.  Not Normalizing.

His appointees? Fuggetaboutit.  They have filled the swamp to overflowing status, full of people who diametrically oppose the agency they are meant to run. No thank you. Not Normalizing.   He lacks swagger, he lacks intelligence, he lacks leadership, he lacks just about any trait necessary to be a world leader, let alone - a lackey.  He’s a hack.   And the people have fallen, hook, line and stinker.  Sad. Sad indeed.   He is not “of the people.”  

Systematically he has wasted the time of the American people with his talk of grabbing pussy, his obsession with celebrity that leads him to insult the very celebrities he longs to be, he has denigrated war heroes, civil rights leaders, women, immigrants, the middle class, even the rich.   He seeks to destroy the future education and job market of our young people.  He thinks black people all live in crime infested, burning communities.  What?   This man is OUT of Touch, and frankly, bat shit crazy.  He is no friend of America.  Nauseating individual.   We will not sit back and let this meglomaniac silence the press, which is so fundamental to a DEMOCRACY. 

No thank you. #NotNormalizing.